Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if coaching is for me?

To be a candidate for coaching you need two things:
1. An openness and orientation to growth.
2. Strong desire to move to the next level.
To determine if you are coachable and if this is the right time, take the Coachability Index

What exactly is coaching anyway?

Coaching is a highly collaborative one on one relationship designed to support clients in moving from good to great! It’s about learning, growing and permanently increasing your production and production capacity. It’s also about discovering your purpose and living with a deeper sense of integrity and fulfillment. Clients report significant personal growth, that helps them enjoy their professional success in all their various roles.

How many coaching sessions do I receive in a month?

Two for the standard coaching program.

What is the cost and terms of your coaching program?

While it varies depending upon the unique needs of the individual, the typical Executive and Business coaching starts at $1000/month for every other week sessions. Our Career Transitioners coaching program starts as low as $500 for phone or Skype coaching.

How should I prepare for my coaching call?

Come with an agenda. Bring at least one issue or opportunity that you would like some coaching around. Also, we have a prep form to fill out that will help us focus the conversation.

What is your coaching process?

The coaching process is designed to support your growth and provide a logical pathway for the progression of the relationship. It’s simply discovering your purpose, designing your life and achieving your wildly important goals. If you already know your purpose, then you can start in the design phase.  The process is not the driver, it simply was created to support each client where they are today!

What kind of results can I reasonably expect to achieve?
Months 1-2, expect to have greater clarity, a dramatic shift in your energy and more confidence .
Months 3-6, expect to be generating measurable improvement as a result of working your plan in a systematic way. Months 6-12, if you remain true to your plan and lean into the accountability even when its tough, you will be experiencing personal and professional transformation. In coaching you create and keep all of your results and expanded capacity!
Does professional coaching have a positive return on investment?
Totally depends upon the willingness of the individual to learn new things and to try on new approaches. For a coachable individual, the return on investment is very strong. If you’re concerned, we urge you to take the Coachability Index and consider how committed you are to getting to the next level. In coaching, we assume you are healthy and ready to run your finest race.

What has been the experience of others in your coaching program?