How Do I Manage My Time Now That I Am Succeeding?

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Personal Leadership

How do I manage my time now that I am succeeding? | Chip Stallings, Executive Coach | Results Driven Coaching

“How do I manage my time now that I am succeeding?”

Congratulations! You are “hitting it out of the ballpark”, “operating on all cylinders” and “crushing life”. Finally you are getting what you have hoped for and worked so hard to accomplish. However, you may be discovering that the amount of discretionary time is diminishing, there are more people and tasks vying for your time than ever before and the pressure to maintain success is increasing.

So how do you navigate these new hurdles and not become a victim of your own success?

Sorry, I have yet to figure out how to add more hours to your day however increasing organization and concentration will maximize the available time in your day. And here is why this is so crucial:


For every obligation success has created you must increase equally in organization to maintain your current level of sanity.

This is important because…

  • Your current sanity created the environment that yielded this success.
  • The danger is when the new demands that accompany success disrupt the effective systems already in action.


The secret to concentration is elimination.
You need to protect your success by limiting the amount of things that get your time. With successes come invitations and competitions for your yes.

  • Every “yes” dilutes your previous “yeses”. Every “no” strengthens your previous “yeses”.
  • You simply cannot do everything and be good at it.
  • A divided focus is not really a focus at all.

So much focus, hard work and sacrifice have been directed towards attaining your success. Hopefully the implementation of these two behaviors will contribute towards you maintaining it!

Chip is one of our great executive coaches. If you are interested in being coached by Chip or just learning more about him, check out his bio!

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