Nick is exceptional at facilitating you toward your personal vision and then holding you accountable to attaining it with utmost integrity. I can honestly say I would not have attained the success I have (both personally and professionally) without Nick.

Robert Craven

President & CEO, Food State

I worked with Nick for 4 years during my time at FoodState, Inc. During that time, he was integral in helping me build a sales and leadership team that grew multiples in revenue, and responsibility as many of our team members expanded their roles with his assistance. I also had the pleasure of helping Nick as he built a company wide leadership development program that helped build leaders and a positive culture throughout our organization. Nick’s coaching skills, in combination with his significant professional experience, make him a valuable ally for any leader looking to grow themselves or their business.

Dan Pearce

President, The RedBoard Group

Chip is an outstanding leadership coach. He worked with my top and secondary leadership team for three years. He also worked with me personally to help me grow in all areas of leadership. Chip led leadership development meetings and was a was an integral part of our organization. If you are looking for a break through for you or your leadership team, I highly recommend Chip Stallings.

Neil Hannon

Franchise Owner, Chick-fil-A, North Palm Beach

Nick is highly regarded throughout our organization for his coaching skills. Looking at the R&D team as an example, I can say he has been an important driver of my growth as an executive, as well as the growth of many other members of the team.

Richard LaFond

VP of Innovation, FoodState Inc.

I have known Nick for many years. He served as my CFO for about 5 years and we have partnered together in coaching. Although Nick brings a diverse background from Fortune 500 Company work to running a small business like my company, his true calling is as a life coach. In that capacity, Nick has a great ability to draw out of people things they don't realize, and has a unique way of questioning that helps them to break through on their own so they have ownership. He also is a master of holding people accountable without coming across as a task master-a truly unique ability. I think Nick is one of the better life coaches someone can hire and would heartily recommend him.

Brian Peart

Founder and CEO, Nexus Financial Group, Inc

Nick is a relentlessly positive and passionate business and personal coach. His engaging manner and keen business acumen enable him to work successfully with individuals and businesses so that they achieve significant, and sometimes explosive, growth. I highly recommend Nick.

Mike Cahill

Sales Training & Enablement Executive

Recommending Chip Stallings is one of the easiest things a person has to do because he is awesome.  Chip is able to listen and identify great opportunities as well as render helpful recommendations that enable us to achieve our goals.  We have found that having Chip involved in our round table discussions regarding various business directions and opportunities has enhanced our understanding and eliminated potential hazards that we hadn’t considered. Chip is a great source of positive and instrumental information and encouragement.

Ty and Traci Chivers

Premier Properties of South Florida

Nick elevates positivity from your depths to a permanent trait that radiates to all you associate with in a way that elevates your global network and allows you to reach your highest and best self.

Julio Gonzalez

CEO & CIO, Family Office

Nick and I have been working together for several months. I can boast about his coaching skills because I’m also a professional coach. More important than his skills lies his true gifts, his passion for God, and his ability to channel Devine love. He is a man on a mission, and God clearly guides his every move. I find his strength to be tapped and tuned into all that is good, and he has the rare ability to coach anyone to their highest good. I'm blessed to meet with Nick weekly receiving the guidance that only a true master coach can deliver. He is a present that I value as priceless. I'm truly blessed to have him as my coach.

All Ways With Love,

Renee Ronnie

Core Energy Life Coach

My experience with this coaching program has been phenomenal. In a short 3 months I have grown as a person, I have grown spiritually and I have grown as a business owner. Even people who have no idea I am in this program have commented on the change. It has truly been life changing for me on many different levels. Following through with the commitments I make to myself and my business has given me tremendous confidence that I never knew was buried inside of me. My business is doing great and I can't wait to follow through on my strategic plan for 2008. Sharing a spiritual connection with my coach was VERY important to me and this program provides that element as well. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.

Kerri McLeod

Vice President, An$wer Capital Mortgage

I wanted to express my gratitude to you for coaching me in the manner that you have over the last seven months. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first time working with a personal coach. I can tell you that the results have been shocking for me.I have gotten something (usually big) out of every coaching session that we have had. Whether you re-adjusted my thinking on certain business principles provided me with some fresh ideas or simply suggested that I read a particular book, it has benefited the company and/or me personally. What’s most amazing to me is that the coaching sessions have impacted my personal life as much as they have my business life. Not only is the company more structured, the employees are more motivated and energetic (which means more revenue), but I am now able to leave work at a decent hour and go home to spend more time with my family.Nick, the coaching that you have provided to me has far exceeded my expectations. I feel like you have taken a personal interest in my well being and the success of the company. Feel free to use me and/or All Financial Services anytime as a reference for your coaching services (it would be like you having a personal cheerleader). Thanks again and I look forward to our next coaching session.


William Dent

President, All Financial Services

I was fortunate to work with Nick for 4 years at FoodState, Inc., in both a one on one and group leadership coaching capacity. As a result of Nick’s coaching, I have extensively changed and developed my leadership approach. I now see myself more objectively and have a built in set of tools to lead others through diversity, with compassion and with accountability. With my newly honed skills, I can adjust my actions and modify my behaviors for increasingly positive results. These indispensable lessons will serve me well as I continue to climb the leadership ladder.
Thank you Nick, for all of your support and encouragement over the years we worked together. I am forever grateful for your guidance that helped me develop personally, spiritually and professionally.

Stacey Gillespie

Director of Innovation, FoodState Inc.

I have been a client of Nick's for the last 6 months. Nick has revolutionized my leadership thought process, and helped me hack my personal life and habits as well. Nick is authentic and relatable - sharing personal stories to help guide realizations in my own life. He is not just coaching down, we are working on things together. Its honestly my favorite hour of the week. The perspectives I have gained will stay with me for life. Coaching and developing leaders is Nick's true passion, this is evident in his dedication and vision. I highly recommend Nick!

Bethany Davis

Director of Regulatory Affairs, FoodState Inc.

Nick was introduced to me by a mutual friend at a time when I was looking to take my next step in defining my career path and overall vision for my personal brand. He understood my personal and professional needs and has helped me to take my entrepreneurial drive and turn it into income and fulfillment overall. I would highly recommend him as a career coach, life coach and overall success coach.

John Cummings

Founder, – Digital Health Guidance Systems

From the very first time I sat down with Nick I knew he would be an exceptional coach for me. Nick knows how to genuinely connect with people and has a unique ability to reach in and find the source of stoppage or frustration in attaining any goal or objective. In my coaching times with Nick I leave feeling encouraged and inspired to tackle the target we've set and I always look forward to our coaching appointments knowing that with his help I will be that much closer to reaching my goals.


Rob Kosberg

CEO, Best Seller Publishing

I have known Nick for a long time and he is a man or true integrity. He has always committed himself fully to developing sucess in others. One of the many amazing qualities Nick possesses.

Doug Avdellas

President, Atlantic Personnel & Tenant Screening, Inc.

Through Nick's expert business and personal coaching for our key staff, our organization has achieved amazing results

Stan Van Nice

CEO, MicroTrain Technologies

I have worked with Nick for several years now and he is a very detailed, professional in the industry. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Mark Quinn

Business Broker

I cannot recommend Nick highly enough, he is one of those rare individuals that stand out among the crowd the minute you meet him. When you work with him one on one the full force of his wisdom and personality are manifested in his singular goal of bringing out the absolute best in you. His gift is elevating your game.

Dean Adkins

Sales & Marketing Agent, Classic, Sunrise Financial Associates

I've known Nick for over a decade and we've worked together in various capacities ranging from superior-subordinate to partners. Nick is a sharp, motivating leader skilled at getting the most out of people and helping people strive to make the most of themselves. Nick cares about the success of others, helping professionals grow in all the ways that matter: business, personal, spirit and intellect. His integrity, commitment and dedication are exceptional and stands out from the crowd. If you get the chance to have some kind of relationship with Nick, you'll be better off for it. He can help you grow as a person, entrepreneur, leader and/or team player... often in dramatic fashion. If you get such a chance, don't miss it. Nick makes a real difference in people's lives.

Darryl Hall

Marketing, eMarketing & Business Growth Consultant,

Nick has been instrumental not only in my business success but in my life successes. Nick listens, assesses, then advises based on the levels he KNOWS you can achieve. A true coach helps you see what you cannot – and then leads you there using your God-given strengths. Nick is a true coach and a blessing.

Cole Holmes

Sales Manager / Loan Officer, Waterstone Mortgage Corporation

I first got to know Nick as a student in a class I was teaching for Coach U. He was a conscientious student who was quick to integrate new concepts and skills and raised interesting points during class discussions. He then hired me to be his mentor coach. During the months we worked together, I observed his strong commitment to his development as a coach and his passion for helping clients move forward. In helping him prepare for certification, I had the chance to hear him work with clients. Nick has a wonderful way of being with his coaching clients. He’s supportive, intuitive, and brings out his clients’ best. His communication skills are excellent; he listens deeply, asks powerful questions, and makes astute observations. Clients come away from their coaching with a greater awareness and appreciation for who they are and how they can make a difference in their lives and to others.

Sometimes a person’s name is a perfect fit for them. This is certainly the case with Nick Van Nice. Nick truly brings heart into business. You couldn’t fit a nicer guy to work with!

Grace Durfee

Professional Certified Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Soulopreneur, Balance with Grace

Dan is very adept at identifying core issues and devising innovative ways to apply existing resources to solving them. He also plans well on how to continually improve company assets to tackle future challenges.
Scott Hawkins

Faculty, Portland State University

Dan combines in-depth knowledge and experience in all areas of operation of a dietary supplements business, including formulation, production, marketing and sales, with superior leadership and organization skills, great energy and attention to detail. And as if that were not enough, he is a pleasure to work with. We are lucky that Dan is in our team.
Rodolfo Beeck

Executive Director, Proeduca Peru, SAC

Dan is quick and smart, and is good at/works hard at finding simple solutions to difficult problems. He helped create a fast-moving environment at GNC International, which fueled the impressive growth within that business division, of which he played an integral part.
J.J. Sorrenti

President, Safeguard Business Systems

Dan walked us through every aspect of our distribution strategy. He showed tremendous knowlege of the various markets and the opportunities in each of them. The care in detail he presented allowed us to pursue and capture even greater results. I cannot overstate how instrumental in creating a tremendous business partnerships.
Randy Wight

Brand Management|Speaker, Natural Products Sales and Brand

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