Consider what the late & great Steven Covey says, “Often times the way we see the problem, is the problem!”

I have coached hundreds of managers remotely across dozens of organizations of various sizes since 2007. The shift to remote work didn’t change a thing for us or that matter, the way 90% of the coaches & consultants have operated the last decade.

 So when I hear a young manager, Director or a seasoned Executive talk about the need to have folks in the office, I get really curious about three things, and usually in this order:

#1: Do you have a personal connection? And if so, how strong is it based on personal trust? Would they say they trust you? Would they say you care about them as a human being beyond their role/utility? Would they say you bring value to them in achieving their goals? Do you have regular 1 on 1’s that are thoughtful, or do they quickly go into questions, that feel like an interrogation?

#2: Do you have a clear agreement around key areas of responsibility, key performance results in writing and did you involve them in the process to gain buy-in? Do you have visibility into their key activities and a regular cadence for check ins that feels supportive?

#3: Do you see accountability as something You do to others or a process involving your own commitment to their performance and growth & development?  

So maybe the whole “remote thing” is not really your challenge? Is it possible that going remote just exposed your lack of personal connection and investment in your people’s success?  We can all do better… Let’s start today!

Since Covid, helping leaders/companies solve the remote management challenge has become a personal passion of mine. The solution is a shift in mindset > training on best practices > forming the coaching skills that make it stick as part of your culture.

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