You have the classic training and experience to run a national sales force.

You’ve enjoyed much success in the past. Your people are trained, the strategy and call routing are tight. And while you may be a bit behind the technology curve, you know there’s something missing.  And while you can’t quite put your finger on it, you do see each sales representative operating independently, and moving to their own rhythm. Everyone sells a little differently and has a different message, creating brand confusion and making it impossible to Scale. So how can you build a unified sales force, capable of executing your strategy and achieving the highest level of performance?

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Nick is a relentlessly positive and passionate business and personal coach. His engaging manner and keen business acumen enable him to work successfully with individuals and businesses so that they achieve significant, and sometimes explosive, growth. I highly recommend Nick.

Mike Cahill

Sales Training & Enablement Executive

From the very first time I sat down with Nick I knew he would be an exceptional coach for me. Nick knows how to genuinely connect with people and has a unique ability to reach in and find the source of stoppage or frustration in attaining any goal or objective. In my coaching times with Nick I leave feeling encouraged and inspired to tackle the target we've set and I always look forward to our coaching appointments knowing that with his help I will be that much closer to reaching my goals.


Rob Kosberg

CEO, Best Seller Publishing

Nick elevates positivity from your depths to a permanent trait that radiates to all you associate with in a way that elevates your global network and allows you to reach your highest and best self.

Julio Gonzalez

CEO & CIO, Family Office

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